Spanner Wrench

If you've been opening and closing your plate heat exchangers with pipe wrenches, slugging wrenches or similar tool, you may want to consider a ratcheting type spanner wrench. These heavy duty tools can make the job go a lot easier and they can be used in a variety of applications.





Our most popular size is the 80mm, which also fits a heavy hex nut for 2" diameter threaded rod (3-1/8" across the flats). This size fits many of the larger Alfa Laval models that use 1-1/2" or 2" diameter closing bolt sizes.





For clients that have a variety of heat exchanger models, a single unit with smaller nut sizes or another application in mind, we provide reducing inserts in the following sizes:

#  2-3/4"
# 2-9/16"(65mm)
# 2-7/16"
# 2-3/8"(60mm)
# 2-3/16"(55mm)
# 2"(50mm)
# 1-13/16"(46mm)
# 1-5/8" 




The reducing inserts are retained in the 80mm wrench by four M4 x 20mm set screws, which use a 2mm key.







For clients with smaller heat exchangers who prefer a dedicated wrench size, we offer three smaller sizes.  Reducing inserts are not available for these wrench sizes.  From top to bottom, these sizes are  1-13/16" (46mm), 1-5/8" and 1-1/4".  



spanner wrench


  (80mm) 3-1/8"   37.5"   4.65"   1.5"   14.3 lbs   1300 ft/lbs
  1-13/16" (46mm)   27"   3.4"   1.25"   7.2 lbs   1200 ft/lbs
  1-5/8"   25.5"   3.4"   1.25"   7.2 lbs   1100 ft/lbs
  1-1/4"   25.5"   3.4"   1.25"   7.4 lbs   1100 ft/lbs


For use on your plate heat exchanger, we recommend loosening and tightening from both sides at the same time. Two mechanics working at the same time can keep the frame plates much more parallel than one man working alone. This will help prevent damage to not only the frame plates, but also the heat exchange plates and gaskets.


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