Inventory Management

Heat Exchanger Ontario provides complete inventory management of all plate heat exchanger spare parts as well as complete spare plate heat exchanger units. This enables companies with multiple production facilities to centralize their plate heat exchanger parts inventory and thereby reduce their overall inventory. Over the years we have had customers who have been able to reduce their inventory by as much as 50% using this program.

Using the Heat Exchanger Ontario Inventory management program, customer’s inventories of plates, gaskets, and complete units are kept centralized (or distributed depending on customer preference) at one or more of Heat Exchanger Ontario’s 4 service centres.  Customers save storage space and do not have to worry about storage conditions, which especially for gaskets can be critical.

In addition to reducing inventory the Inventory Management Program also reduces down-time to an absolute minimum, as we make sure that the inventory at all times will have the right quantity of plates and gaskets to meet any exchange requirement within the customers facilities. In other words, down-time is limited to change-out time!

CR Inventory Management Customers:
Beef Products
Dean Foods 
Dupont Chemical
 Exxon  Kelco
Kraft Foods 
Matson Navigation 
Miller Brewing
US Shipping 

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