Brazed Heat Exchangers

Brazed Heat Exchangers

Plate Arrangement
Standard plate arrangement forms two independent circuits running in alternate layers. The two fluids will flow in opposite directions (counter flow) to further enhance the exchange of heat. Special designed corrugated plates are used to increase the heat transfer coefficient and lower potential fouling.

Brazed Construction
The heat exchangers are brazed in a vacuum furnace and helium pressure tested to insure leak-free performance.

Two Compressor Technology
With the HEO 2C Series, two compressor design has two independent refrigerant circuits, one on the left side and one on the right front side of the unit. The fluid side connections are on the reverse side, for easier access and chiller design. The 2C series heat exchanger is based on the principal of having two refrigerants "interlaced" or alternating between the fluid circuits, thus allowing full 100% refrigerant contact with the fluid side. So, when only one compressor operates, 100% of the fluid is being chilled (evaporator mode) or heated (condenser mode).


High Efficiency
The embossed pattern of the heat transfer plates promotes high turbulence at low fluid velocities. The high turbulence results in very high heat transfer coefficients.

Compact Size
The Heat Exchanger Ontario brazed plate heat exchanger requires less floor space due to the high thermal efficiency of the stainless-steel plates as compared to other types of heat exchangers. The plates are brazed together at high temperatures, allowing the heat exchanger to be compact, leak tight, and rugged. Heat Exchanger Ontario brazed heat exchangers can be anywhere from 50% to 80% smaller than other types of heat exchangers.

Close Approach Temperatures
Close-approach temperatures of 1-2°F (0.5-1.0°C) are possible because of true counter flow and high heat transfer efficiency of the plates.  This is an important factor in regeneration and heat recovery processes.

High Temperature and Pressure Ratings
Maximum working pressures from 300 psi to 650 psi, and temperature ratings of 350°F.

Product Application
1/2 to 160 Ton Capacity
Liquid Chillers
Condenser / Heat Pumps
Marine Condenser

Fluid to Fluid
Special Applications

Radiant Floor Heat
Domestic Water Heat
Snow Melt Applications
Swimming Pool / Spa Heating
Fuel Oil Pre-heater

Special Applications
Process Heating or Cooling
Hydraulic Oil Coolers
Engine Coolers
Transmission Coolers
Marine & Sea Water Applications
Special Application
DX Chillers
Flooded Chillers
Economizers / Subcoolers

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