Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE)

Easy to Remove and Clean
By simply removing the tie bolts and sliding back the movable frame part, the plate pack can be inspected, pressure cleaned, or removed for refurbishment, if required.

A significant feature of the plate heat exchanger is that it is expandable. Increasing your heat transfer requirements means simply adding plates instead of buying a new heat exchanger, saving time, and money.

High Efficiency
Very high turbulence is achieved at relative low fluid velocity. Because of the pressed patterns in the plates and the relative narrow gaps. This combined with counter directional flow results in very high heat transfer coefficients.

Compact Size
High efficiency means less heat transfer area is required, resulting in a much smaller heat exchanger. Typically, a plate heat exchanger requires between 20-40% of the space required by a tube & shell heat exchanger.

Close Approach Temperature
The same features that give the plate heat exchanger its high efficiency also makes it possible to reach close approach temperatures which is important in heat recovery and regeneration applications. Approach temperatures of 1ºF are possible.

Multiple Duties in a Single Unit
The plate heat exchanger can be built in sections, separated with simple divider plates or more complicated divider frames with additional connections. This makes it possible to heat, regenerate, and cool a fluid in one heat exchanger or heat or cool multiple fluids with the same cooling or heating source.

We can supply a wide variety of heat exchanger plates

Avoid cross contamination
Each medium is individually gasketed, and as the space between the gaskets is vented to the atmosphere, cross contamination of fluids is eliminated.

Less Fouling
Very high turbulence is achieved through a combination of the pattern of the plates, the many contact points, and the narrow gap between the plates. Plus the smooth plate surface also reduces fouling considerably compared to other types of heat exchangers.

Lower Costs
High heat transfer coefficients mean less heat transfer area and smaller heat exchangers, sometimes even less heat exchangers.

This means:
The HEO Plate Heat Exchanger product range has a wide selection of plates suitable for many different applications from sanitary and sterile applications in food and pharmaceutical processes, to heavy industrial applications in petrochemical plants and steel mills.
The HEO plate heat exchanger is available in sizes from 1/2″ to 12″ ports capable of handling flows up to 7,500 gpm in one unit.

Standard Product Range
For fast delivery Heat Exchanger Ontario offers a standard product range of plate heat exchangers.

The standard product range consists of 11 models ranging from 1-1/4″ to 8″ ports. These are only available with stainless steel plates aisi316 and standard painted frames with NPT or studded flanges, maximum working pressure 150psi.  Both NBR and EPDM gaskets are available options within the standard product range.

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